4 Top Home Security Systems For 2020

A lot of technological advances have come to pass in the last decade and home security systems have also taken a stride of improvements. Here we are going to explore top home security systems that we have carefully reviewed. We present you with the best options for 2020

Arlo Ultra 4k
Ring alarm
Deep Sentinel

Add: Given the current covid-19 situations that has resulted in massive lock-downs and unprecedented social restrictions. a lot of people will be out of jobs and crime is likely to spike. as such this is good time to ensure you have adequate security measures around your home and properties & finances.

Arlo Ultra 4k

The Arlo ultra 4k wireless security camera from renowned US network connected camera brand. Arlo ultra is the most advanced camera Arlo has created to date and the best choice for wireless home security and it works in all weather conditions and is loaded with features including 4K video colour, night vision and integrated spotlight, panoramic view, noise cancelling audio and more.

It is very easy to install Arlo ultra-system. It comes with complete instructions easy to understand on how you can install by yourself independently.

Position the camera on the newly designed Mount to take maximum advantage of our low ultras 180-degree view. If you want to install the magnetic charging cable, you can place the extra wire in the Mount to hide any unneeded Slack in the cable.

The price ranges from $350 to a few thousands.

Arlo Ultra 4K UHD 3 Wire-free home security camera.

Ring alarm

Ring alarm claims to put a ring of security in and around your home using different types of security devices. The base station provides security for your entire home. The contact sensor monitors a door or window in your home. The motion detector watches a room inside your house for any motion.

It also comes with a range extender to expand your network so at distant device can send signals to the monitoring station.

The Ring alarm includes three security modes to fit your needs. It monitors all the sensors in and around your home giving you the most security when you’re not at home. You can set the system to ignore movement inside the house when you’re at home to give yourself freedom to move around your home.

The ring system is linked to an operational security centre with real human beings monitoring your home security, and when triggered, you get an alert, or a call and they can interfere with unauthorised access to your home or property.


Honeywell Smart home security allows you to check on what’s happening at your home even when you’re not there. You’ll know the kids got home on time thanks to an alert when they come through the door.  Wherever you are, it’s easy to check on your home, around the clock and know who’s been there.

If an unwanted guest is detected, you can set to have a loud alarm to scare them off. Because you can link this to your mobile phone, it means you receive notifications on the go. This reduces your worries about the safety of your home and family.

Honeywell smart home security base station

Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel is a state-of-the-art security system and services, it is in its own league. The system comes loaded with artificial intelligence and real-time guards monitoring and protecting your property.

Deep Sentinel state of the art security system and services comes with a 3 camera starter kit

The package comes with

3 Wireless Cameras with motion activity sensors that triggers video feed to the security service operations centre.

1 Smart Hub with AI Processor

4 Rechargeable Batteries (one extra on hand), 2-3 months per charge