SPICE Token, A BCH Simple Ledger Protocol Appreciation Token

Spice is a token created on the simple ledger protocol (SLP). It is dubbed an appreciation token. Spice is popular within the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain community.

Spice is named an appreciation token because of its primary function being for tipping others on social media. It is part of the larger Social Tipping Platform and it utilises a bot called spicebot. All the content that has been tipped using Spice is aggregated through a Spicefeed that distributes across major social networks.

How to accumulate and distribute SPICE token?

Spice is distributed through a Proof Of Fen (pof). When you tip someone with spice and put pof on the suffix of your tip, and they tip someone more than you tip, the person you tip receives the highest score on the pof scale. The image below illustrates how it works:

screenshot from SPICE official site
screenshot from SPICE official site

To withdraw spice tokens, you only need to type “Withdraw (put amount you wish to withdraw) [put you Bitcoin Cash Simple Ledger Protocol address]”
eg: withdraw 200 simpleledger:qzxxxxxxxxxxxx
This process will convert SPICE social media points to SPICE simple ledger Tokens.


What is SPICE token?

SPICE is an appreciation token build on a single ledger protocol. This token is famous within the BCH community.

What do you use SPICE for?

SPICE can be used to pay tip to someone you like or enjoy their content and works on major social media platforms. To learn more about SPICE, visit the BCH community.

How cool is the BCH community?

BCH community can be considered a very cool community of like-minded people who are strong believers in the power of cryptocurrencies.

Who created SPICE?

SPICE was created by Spicetoshi. We are still investigating who this Spicetoshi is, but if we hang around the BCH community long enough we will soon know who this person or group of people are.

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