Quiztok (QTCON) – A messenger chat-bot for quiz

What is QTCON

Where to buy QTCON

Who created QTCON

What is Quiztok (QTCON)?

  • Quiztok is a service based on a social media instant message chatbot. It generates quiz on messengers such as telegram when you use quiztok to add them as your friends.
  • You can easily create and customize your quiz using a clean interactive user interface

Quiztok is designed to disrupt the mobile marketing industry with its inbuilt function for users to create quiz with sponsoring options, donations and more.

Where to buy Quiztok?

The token is available for purchase on Coinone and the current price is shown below

Who created Quiztok?

The token was developed by a Japanese team at Quiztok Co Ltd and below is the list of founders:

  • Jeon Changsub – CEO
  • Hwang Sehoon – Head of Japanese Business
  • Lee Keunwoo – Vice President
  • Yang Jongil, Jang Wonjun, Kim Dogwoo, Kim Seonwoong, Han Kyunghyun (developer team)
What is Quiztok?

Quiztok is chatbot system that create quizes for messenger services such as telegram etc.

Where to buy Quiztok

You can buy this token on an exchange called COINONE

Who created Quiztok

The token was created by Japanese developers at Quiztok Co. Ltd

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