North Korea Reported Zero Cases of COVID-19, Coronavirus, 5G & what we know so far

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North Korea COVID-19

North Korea has been in the News (mainstream news) a lot in recent years all for the wrong reasons. At first, they were deemed to be a threat to our safety due to their nuclearization projects. I have seen several reports of them testing their ballistic missiles, however, I have little to no understanding to international politics, but I have always had this 1 question? Which country has been attacked, colonized or had their citizens abducted by North Korea in the last decade or two? I have not head of any. Then I begin to wonder are we brainwashed to think North Korea is dangerous? I wont mention other countries that have been aggressors and have been attacking other countries unprovoked because they can…. Let me keep my mouth shut.

A quick search online to gather if there are any COVID 19 cases in North Korea have brought few results to make a reasonable debate. I saw an article that claims that North Korea is reporting zero Coronavirus cases, but the publisher claims that this might be untruthful coming from the current regime. They may be suppressing the numbers to ensure they appear to be in control. With the way coronavirus is reaping through societies in the western countries it will be impossible to keep this tight lip for long.

So, it could be possible that North Korea does not have Coronavirus cases, if any they are so little, they can afford to bury data without raising alarms. Alternatively, with so many conspiracies flying around, could it be possible that North Korea has not yet enabled their 5G and this could be the reason why they remain free to this pandemic? May be because when they head of the outbreak in Wuhan, they were among the first countries to shut their borders and given their so-called draconian rule, they could swiftly impose restrictions and lockdowns, given that decision making is centralized.

North Korea and 5G mobile network:

At this stage, there is no credible information as to whether North Korea has deployed its 5G network or if they even have the technology for starters. The only information I could get online was around the arrest of Huawei CFO for dealing these countries under the boss’s trade sanctions of which North Korea was one of the countries. So, in light of that assumption, we may be safe to hypothesis that North Korea doesn’t have 5G and viola’ you see what? They also don’t have coronavirus on their land.

What is North Korea doing to protect against coronavirus?

The North Korean authorities have broadcasted that there is Coronavirus pandemic according to WHO, however, they have managed to prevent the disease to enter into their country through quick decisive actions such as closing borders to China and South Korea as such they have been spared of this devastating pandemic.

To ensure the country remains virus free, precautions are in place and massive public education is underway about covid19 and some televised propaganda to keep the nation calm.

North Korea health system

The North Korean health system like many countries is not immune to the overwhelming nature of the coronavirus. As we have witnessed in Italy, one of the best healthcare systems in the world. We saw them grinding to their knees. USA also is currently on their knees praying for a miracle as coronavirus exposes their weaknesses.

If this plague happens to land in North Korea, it will be disaster. As such, their move to shut borders, impose restrictions faster any other country was super strategic and if its true there are 0 cases, then hats off to the regime.

On the other note, democratic measures don’t really work. If you followed what happened in Australia, where they encouraged social distancing, but it failed then they moved to lockdown of states and territories. Now, we have had a lesson that some draconian measures do work in the face of emergency. But there is a fine line (once you test power its difficult to let go), I hope and pray the legislations passed during the crisis will be removed as fast as they were created during the crisis.


In the case of North Korea, more research needs to be done (almost impossible) to ascertain the facts. Also, if we can confirm that there is no 5G in the country, then we may be able to draw a parallel that this maybe a confirmation the conspiracy theorist have been missing to further reinforce their hypothesis of the link between 5G and coronavirus. Given that in heavily affected parts of the world, 5G have been operation for almost 6 months.

Therefore, without adequate information it maybe reckless to conclude that North Korea’s case is absolutely a confirmation that coronavirus is caused by 5G, As much as it is reckless to say there is no correlation.

My thoughts: I remain neutral about this and will continue to investigate further