David Icke – The Coronavirus Conspiracy Link To 5G – streamed at Londonreal YouTube [BANNED]

After a painstaking search for this trending video by Londonreal’s Brian ft David Icke. Every video channel popular to mankind has banned this video. This brings me to wonder what the heck is happening in the world that the powers be are not happy for people to discover?

I think this video made them scared that their alleged deck of cards is crumbling right underneath their noses…

David Icke – 5G / Coronavirus (COVID19) Conspiracy Video… starts after 30sec…..

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How to draw manga, Japanese Anime

Manga anime is a form of cartoon drawing that originated from Japan. In recent years, this has become extremely popular around the world. Manga is famously known as anime in the western countries. Anime drawing has captivated people of all ages, so if you want to join the bandwagon, here is how to draw manga.

Learn and understand the Japanese culture

Japanese culture is where manga originated to narrate their story tales and Japanese history and famous real & fictional characters. Learning about the Japanese culture will be the foundation of understanding manga drawing. A research on Japanese landscape, environment, and a visit to japan if you can afford can be instrumental in your understanding of Japanese.

Drawing Hair

Most of the manga characters’ hair have a grass like look with various variations on the overall shape of the hair strands. Despite the appearance like grass, the hair still looks like real hair due to the way the strands are organized around the head. Just like real hair, they do have many strands, as they are drawn in clusters and not as individual hair strands.

It is recommended that you draw the head before you draw the hair to ensure you preserve the structure of the head and your hair will not appear to be misplaced.

Folds or crises on clothes

Folds are extremely important and paying attention to these details when drawing clothing is paramount. This should also take into consideration the choice of fabric your character is wearing. The direction of fabric also plays a part in the type of folds you draw on your anime. To learn further details on how to shade the folds visit mad about manga for a complete tutorial.

The difference between male and female clothing is that the male clothes are usually hanging loosely while female clothing are tightly fit to the body to bring the curvatures of the character.

The commonly drawn clothing are shirts, pants kimonos, and skirts. Anime art is very keen on using kimonos or caps if the story is portraying a distant past setting. I have also noted that school uniforms are quite popular with girl mostly if not always wearing miniskirts.

Drawing Eyes

Eyes can make or break your drawing and I would consider this to be the most important element of drawing manga. Others may differ, however, if you learn to draw the eye properly, it will be easy to show that your character is a girl or boy. Female eyes have been the most difficult to draw as they are quite complicated.

You will need to be able to show the light shine in the eyes, especially for girls. Boy they also have shining areas in their eyes, but not as prevalent as it is in girls. Girls’ eyes are usually bigger than boys. Eye can also be shady to show the personality of the character.